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Marcelo Leopold

Hi! I'm the developer responsible for TurnUP Web.
I have over 10 years of experience making websites, and during all these years I have worked for small and large companies, advertising agencies, software factories and Startups.
I created several simple and complex websites, financial management systems, business management, virtual stores, virtual storefronts, systems for renowned foundations, well-known and little-known companies too!
I always use modern and advanced development technologies, with attention to the smallest aesthetic and safety details.

I'm sure that TurnUP Web can make the best website for your company to grow even more!

We have the best solutions for your business!

Instead of offering a "prefabricated" and semi-ready website with non-functional, slow, insecure layouts that are often broken when viewed by mobile phone or tablets, TurnUP Web manufactures its website by hand .

After a few conversations to better understand your company, we will make the website proposal that best suits your business.

Each company has its particularity, each client is unique and TurnUP Web knows this well.

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How it works?

The 4 steps to develop your website by hand.



We need to meet and talk about your company, so I will know what you need most.



I will raise the critical points, understand your target audience and present a website and/or online system solution.



I will create your site by hand, writing line by line of source code, aligning all images, colors and fonts, and finally publish on one of the best servers on the web.



After a few weeks of a lot of coffee and thousands of lines of code typed, your website will be online and ready for your audience to use.

Let's talk!

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